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Why do you need to hire a real estate agent to buy a property in Malta?

Finally… you decided to purchase a larger home with ample outdoor area, or to invest in a property for the rental market, or to simply buy your first home.

Now, from where are you going to start?

If you’ve ever been reluctant to engage a real estate agent to assist you, this is because you’re probably unaware of the help they can provide during the whole process.

Tip: The key is to engage a professional real estate agent who is honest, knowledgeable and hard working. This way, you will make sure not to waste your precious time and acquire the right property at a fair and realistic price.

So, let’s break down the house hunting process and see how a real estate agent can help you every step of the way.

Step 1. Listening and guiding you

It is very important that the real estate agent listens carefully to your requirements and understands your specific needs.

This way, it will be possible to speed up the process and identify suitable properties for you.

“I’m looking for a 3-bedroom apartment in Sliema, with a garage or at least a parking space, furnished, with a good-sized terrace, as well as a lift. Ah, and it has to be in a quiet street!”.

“Fantastic, thanks. Can you indicate your price range, please?”

If you need financing from a bank, we can help you organize a meeting with a loan specialist; and after, you will be able to start house hunting according to your budget.

It’s a good idea to always keep in mind additional expenses, just in case you need to refurbish the property or buy new furniture.

Step 2. Searching and viewing properties

There are thousands of properties out there, but only a few will meet your criteria; so, our job is to carefully filter through our extensive database and select the right ones.

We then organize appointments to view the selected properties accordingly.

But, what happens if there is no property available for sale that falls under your criteria?

An agent will keep his or her eyes open for new properties that come up on the market on a daily basis. Through our contacts and networking, we create business, and get new properties on the market by trying to convince the owners to let us help them sell their property.

Step 3. Closing a deal

After you have chosen the right property, our job, as real estate agents, is to liaise with both buyers and sellers and work to close the deal.

How do we do that?

Every deal has its own story. Our main goal is to help both parties reach an amicable agreement in terms of a fair price and conditions.

Step 4. Constant follow up

After a promise of sale agreement is signed, a real estate agent keeps in touch with all parties concerned, including the notary, until the contract is successfully signed, making sure that everything is moving in the right direction.

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Douglas Adam

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